[0.10]error of harmony_ berlin skateparks edit

skate rats never die

SKATE PARK SYSTEMS- social and cultural dynamics of built skatepark systems_ Matthew Skjonsberg, architect


termokiss demo

[disturbance experiment_001] collection

[0.10]error of harmony_system_cleaning_0023203

_sam jackson….13.12.2017

[0.10]error of harmony boards

_reska&chillijan >>>usa


_skatescape intervention proposal_// _ mk_government_yard_//

_new short video: _the chaos continues_part01

[look book] by: ana marija radosavljevich & ilija stefanovski

_skate plaza_intervention/proposal___<_"park_na_frankofonija"_>

<space transformation>_the poetics of space_new experimental film

\beginning_of_chaos/ [0.10]error of harmony – phone edit/promo video

_new clip_ decooooo__

<space transformation>_the poetics of space_001_teaser_001

<space transformation>_the poetics of space_001_photos

[reclaiming the city]_experimental film

[0.10]error of harmony_on_marh.mk

[reclaiming the city]_trailer

[reclaiming the city]_skateboarding is also a form of architecture criticism

[_gtc_cruise_] an experimental clip_> featuring [petar mladenovic] //_save GTC__