_freedom of the form leads to “supremacy” of pure feeling or perception of space. inspired by the constructivist / suprematist art, using the name [0.10] we refer to a figure of thought: zero, because it is expected that after the destruction of the old world, zero can begin again.

_with 0.10 comes a restless curiosity, an urge to discover and create the illusive places where we meet harmony. harmony, harness by human beings, the skater, delivered through movement that is individual in its vertical dimension, but collective in the horizontal open group structures. but much of harmony is hidden from us. what is real can neither be seen or touched in our daily lives. error makes visible much of the city invisible world, shown through video, photography, clothing and intervention in urban space. it is the source and base for further growth of the local scene by supporting young talents and collaborating with interdisciplinary artists/designers/creative minds.

_in 0.10 you will experience how the three elements come together: space, error and harmony. investigate, learn and create.

_minimal, clean and neat, our clothes are designed to better represent the story of dystopian universe, to show that purity can be reached and clean lines can be as exciting as geometric abstraction and angular shapes of elements. by supporting 0.10 you support the team and our vision of what skateboarding is and where it could go next.